IAMAW CANADA – Keep Workers Safe – Letter to your elected representatives

Keep Workers Safe – Letter to your elected representatives

Hi all,
With the ever-increasing number of cases of Covid-19 here in Ontario and the very strict requests being made by all levels of government to stay home unless you provide an essential service, it is increasingly difficult to follow the ever-changing recommendations of the Officers of Health.​
Most of the government appears to be looking at this from a health care perspective and yet there are other workers that cannot keep a six-foot distance when dealing with the public.
Take the time to email your elected representatives now. Please see attached sample letter, personalize it with your name, representative’s name, etc.
cc. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca),
cc. Hon. Andrew Scheer (andrew.scheer@parl.gc.ca,
cc. Hon. Jagmeet Singh (jagmeet.singh@parl.gc.ca)
Please help:  We need to “KEEP WORKERS SAFE”
See the link below to find your MP.
Thanks in advance. Copy me in any emails
Derek​ Ferguson