June 22, 2020 7:00-8:30 p.m. EST

Bluejeans Virtual Discussion
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Join us for a discussion about the importance of a “she-covery” to the Canadian economy in the post-pandemic environment. We will also discuss the “Jobs Worth Fighting For” document and determine workplace and political priorities.

Whether you are currently working or laid off, we want to hear from you, and the challenges you’re experiencing, gaps in legislation and collective agreements.

IAMAW Canada – IAM Canada Statement on Anti-Black Racism

IAM Canada Statement on Anti-Black Racism

Race is not an easy conversation in Canada. It never has been. Racism is embedded within all of us. We were brought up with it – many of us not even knowing we carried it around. I hope we can change that.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fanned the flames of racism across Canada and the world. We have seen anti-Asian racism rear its ugly head during this crisis – and it is unacceptable.

Most of us grew up in communities where we felt safe – to walk around, to play and to meet with family and friends and to grow up in peace. Many of us were raised with a privilege we weren’t aware of. As a result, we walk around with blinders. It’s time to change that.

African-Americans and African-Canadians have been killed for little more than walking, driving, jogging, or wandering through neighbourhoods minding their own business. We must question why this happens. Now is the time for IAM members to question ourselves and listen to the lived experiences of Black Canadians. Now is the time to engage with our Black and African members so we can learn of the challenges they face each and every day.

Black Lives Matter! Let’s make no mistake about it. When people respond with “All Lives Matter” they ignore the systemic racism embedded in our society and brush away the difficult conversations we should have when dealing with the issues of racism and privilege.

Perhaps we can begin by being aware of the privilege we walk around with. Change begins at home, Change begins with ourselves.

There is no magic solution. There is a lot of hard work if we are to do battle against racism and anti-Black racism. That work begins now, and it begins with us.

We want a better world and we’re going to work toward that goal. Please join us.

IAMAW Canada – Pickthall, IAM Canada commend government on 10-day sick leave

Pickthall, IAM Canada commend government on 10-day sick leave

26 May 2020
For immediate release

Toronto, ON – IAM Canadian General Vice-President Stan Pickthall commended the federal government on seeking agreements with provincial and territorial governments to provide 10 days of paid sick leave to workers infected with COVID-19.

“This is potentially very good news for those who have put their bodies and their lives on their line to provides services and goods so the rest of us can weather this crisis,” said Pickthall. “It IS a worthy recognition of their service to Canadians. The IAM will watch events closely in the coming days to ensure it is accomplished in a fair, meaningful and timely manner.”

Credit MUST also go to the federal NDP and leader Jagmeet Singh for securing this important advancement in workers’ rights. Singh and the NDP made supporting the Liberal government’s parliamentary agenda until September contingent upon achieving sick leave for workers. This is the latest in a series of positive gains for Canadians that the NDP has battled for since the COVID crisis hit Canada earlier this year.

The IAM maintains that workers shouldn’t be forced to go to work and put themselves or others in danger because of financial stresses. We also feel that if they do go to work, they must have adequate time to recover if they fall ill. ​

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