IAMAW Canada – IAM Staying Connected During the Corona Pandemic

IAM Staying Connected During the Corona Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed practically every aspect of our lives. As a society, and as a community we are navigating a landscape that is unknown and precarious. For the IAM, the pandemic has made connecting with our members challenging as the building block of our relationship with members has been face-to-face communication.

At a time when our members need us the most, the IAM has shown its ability to be flexible, adaptable and creative in how we continue to service our members. Some locals are communicating with members regularly through live feeds on social media, others are using online tools to conduct meetings. Others are walking the floor in workplaces where our members continue to work because the union needs to be present wherever our members are.

To our members who are still working, we are thankful and we proudly stand with you; you and all those who are on the frontlines are ensuring there is a sense of normalcy in this chaotic time. To those who have been laid off, or are on off-duty status, have become ill or have family members who have contracted COVID-19, know we are doing everything we can and monitoring updates about resources you can turn to.

To our servicing reps, and locals, we thank you for your relentless efforts to help members stay connected to our union. We know how difficult this has been and recognize that the effects will be felt for some time to come. This too will pass and will stand as a testament of how resilient our union community is.

Together we will come back/Together we will remain strong.

Until we can all meet again, stay safe and stay healthy.

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