IAMAW Canada – Expand additional Pandemic Pay to include all airport workers

Expand additional Pandemic Pay to include all airport workers

We have updated our email campaign to include all airport workers.


Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement about compensating essential workers fairly for the risks they take to keep our economy going and to protect our communities was welcomed by many members of the IAMAW.

But, we know, more work remains. Some of our members will not be included in this initiative, yet they have worked through the pandemic risking their health, and well being. Until the work of these members is recognized, we will not stop advocating.

The IAMAW is calling on provincial governments to include ALL AIRPORT WORKERS under the pandemic pay initiative. Airports were at the forefront of the pandemic, and many workers have contracted COVID19; these members deserve not just protection but fair compensation.

Help us make this goal a reality by emailing your provincial/territorial Premier.

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