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Welcome to the IAMAW Canadian Health & Safety Web Page!

Every union representative, whether a Steward, a President or a Business Representative, shares a common intrinsic interest in their membership working and labouring in the safest environment possible. Additionally, those of us who hold positions on Joint workplace union/management health and safety committees hold an additional responsibility that is fostered in legislation.

This page is intended to assist all those with the task of developing and sustaining a safe working environment for our membership by publishing breaking news on health and safety events and issues; networking representatives to valuable web sites such as legislative, research and interest groups; publishing timely periodicals, Canadian Labour Congress National Health & Safety Committee initiatives, educational opportunities and much more.

There will also be the opportunity for you, the membership, to contribute your experience and knowledge for the benefit of all.

In addition to the general practices legislated by law, Safety and Health is an environment that is subject to a great variety of industry-specific criteria. In addition, legislation differs according to Provincial and Federal Codes. It is my ambition to design these pages in a manner that will assist all safety activists in sorting through specifics that concern their particular needs.

As we progress through this mandate, I encourage you all to provide me with your thoughts and concerns so that I am better able to design this resource to better assist us in developing the safest possible working environment for all.

In Solidarity,


Chris Cheung





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 Health & safety ressources
Enabling Canadians to easily and independently locate occupational health and safety information provided by the federal, provincial and territorial governments of Canada and by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

Government of Canada
click Publications, click Acts & Regulations, click Canada Labour Code and Regulations, click text, scroll to Part II of the Code.

Government of Alberta
click laws and publications, click Alberta Legislation, click Statutes of Alberta, click Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Government of British Columbia
click Regulations, click View OHS Regulations and Associated Guidelines.

Government of Manitoba
click Occupational Health, click publications, click legislation, click The Workplace Health & Safety Act W210.

Government of New Brunswick
click search-Acts and Regulations, click 1. New Brunswick Acts and Regulations, click 0, click o-o2Occupational Health & Safety.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
click House of Assembly, click Statutes and Regulations, click Occupational Health & Safety.

Government of North West Territories
click Publications, click Statutes of the Government of the North West Territories, click Statutes of the North West Territories (current to ___), click S, click Safety Act.

Government of Nova Scotia
click legislation (under legislature), click Statutes of Nova Scotia, click Statutes by Title, click O, click Occupational Safety & Health Act.

Government of Ontario
click legislation (under publications), click Ontario’s Legislation (Acts and Regulations), click access to the Statutes and Regulations site, click Statutes of Ontario, click O, click Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Government of Prince Edward Island
click statutes (by alphabetical order), scroll to Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Government of Quebec

Government of Saskatchewan
(Actual legislation not available on web site but rights and legislation is outlined at the above link)
click departments and organizations, click Labour, click ‘Take me to the Website’, click Health and Safety.

Government of the Yukon
click Government, click Legislation, click access to Justice Network, click Regulations of the Yukon (updated to ___), scroll to Occupational Health & Safety Act.