IAMAW Canada – Local 2413 members at SkyCafe ratify new agreement with overwhelming support

On Friday July 5th, the IAM ratified a new 3-year collective agreement for the 122 members of Local 2413 employed with SkyCafe at the Toronto and Ottawa airports.

“The IAM Local 2413 Bargaining committee pushed the employer as hard as we could,” said Michael Corrado, IAM District 140 General Chairperson. “We used the conciliation process and strategically timed the release of a survey about our members wage expectations and their willingness to strike if their expectations were not met”.

The agreement focused on large wage increases along with a significant increase to the amount of paid sick days that this provincially-regulated employer provides.

Most of our members will experience an approximately 25% wage increases over 3 years. Additionally, paid sick days were increased by 67% for the membership.

“Good deals with living wages are what workers and IAM members deserve,” concluded Corrado.

The IAM Members voted 96.9% in favour of this new CBA which reflected the expectations of the membership.

Bargaining Committee membersfrom left: Michael Corrado, Madhu Mehta and Collin Buchanan.

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Michael Corrado, General Chairperson
IAM District 140

IAMAW Canada – It’s finally law – IAM Canadian GVP congratulates activists on decades of hard work

Another monumental triumph for the labour movement is the passage of Bill C-58, the Anti-Scab legislation, which received unanimous support from MPs and clearance by the Senate on 17 June, 2024.

After decades of relentless advocacy, Canada now has federal anti-scab legislation. This is crucial for protecting workers and their right to strike. The use of scab labour not only undermines this right but also exacerbates labour disputes and intensifies hostility on picket lines.

The legislation will apply to employers and workers in federally regulated sectors covered by Part I of the Code. This includes industries such as interprovincial and international air, rail, road, and marine transportation, as well as banks, telecommunications, and postal and courier services.

“I want to thank all IAM activists and those in other unions and the progressive movements who worked on this relentlessly. Together with Canada’s New Democrats who fought alongside us, we now have this law,” said David Chartrand, IAM Canadian General Vice-President. “Our robust political action program made sure we put the pressure on for these last few years.”

“I’ve heard countless stories from workers who have faced direct confrontations during strikes, jeopardizing their safety and livelihoods. This must never happen. We are pleased to see this long-overdue protection for workers that will significantly restore balance at the bargaining table,” added Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

The new law also mandates that employers and unions agree early in the bargaining process on which work must continue during a strike or lockout to ensure public health and safety. The parties must reach an agreement no later than 15 days after a notice to bargain is issued.

These measures will take effect on June 20, 2025, allowing the CIRB time to prepare for its new responsibilities, according to the federal government.

The passage of the Bill, not surprisingly, received condemnation from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses.

IAMAW Canada – IAM Member nominated for award on Airport Workers Day at YYZ

It was a special day for IAM member Obo Hassan, as he was nominated and recognised for his achievements and contributions to the Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) community. “Obo Hassan is our Health and Safety Co-chair for AAS Canada and is a leader in his workplace” said a proud Dan Janssen, IAM District Lodge 140 General Chairperson. “Obo is passionate about health and safety and making the lives of his co-workers better. This nomination is very well-deserved.”

Congratulations Obo and on behalf of the IAM. Thank you for all the work you do!

The awards were given as part of the Airport Workers Day celebrations that were put on at Toronto Pearson and airports across the country.

Airport Workers Day on June 26 this year is a national initiative led by the Canadian Airports Council (CAC) recognizing the people who are “moving what matters” and celebrating the vital contribution airport workers make to our communities and our economies.

The IAM represents the greatest number of workers at Canadian airports.

PHOTO: Obo Hassan (left), pictured with Dan Janssen