Justice for Canada’s Aboriginal Women and Girls


The RCMP has reported close to 1,200 cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women and girls between 1980 and 2012. That same report highlighted the fact that this number is disproportionately high, showing how Aboriginal women and girls make up over 16% of female homicides, 11% of missing women and yet make up only 4% of the female population in Canada.

With evidence like this, the only right thing to do is call for a public inquiry.

Join the call for a public inquiry.Send the Prime Minister an e-mail and add your voice to growing call for a Public Inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.


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The Union Advantage Across Canada (Provincial Breakdown)

Canada’s Union Advantage

There were 4,694,600 union members working everywhere across Canada in 2013 – about 31% of the country’s workforce.  Those workers earned, on average, $5.17/hour more because their unions negotiated fair wages and work hours. Those extra dollars on workers’ paycheques stay in the local economy. They get spent at local businesses, where they sustain jobs, and support community services that add to everyone’s quality of life.